Charge for your time.

What makes Brain Pick really unique is you have the option to charge a per-minute fee for your time on a video chat. You can set your own billing rate, and we will automatically deposit your earnings into your bank account using Stripe.

All you need to do is set up your banking details and choose your billing rate (e.g. $5/min). After a chat is complete, we automatically deposit your earnings directly into your bank account, which typically only takes 7 business days to transfer. There's a 15% service and processing fee.  

Help clients anywhere, anytime.

Are you an advisor, consultant or instructor? Brain Pick has built-in scheduling and payment functionality, so it can be a more convenient tool to offer online advice to your current customers, or a network to find new ones.    

Connect with your audience.

Are you an Influencer or Celebrity? Brain Pick can be a new way to monetize your brand and connect with your followers and fans in a more personal way.

Earn money on the side. 

Are you a professional with a full-time job? Brain Pick can help you earn supplemental income sharing your knowledge and experience in your spare time.