Video calls are private and you only pay an expert for their time on the call, so you can pick their brain as much or as little as you’d like. Whether you chat for five minutes or fifty is entirely up to you. And since there are BrainPickers all over the world, you can request a call with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Just flip open the app and press a couple buttons. 

Video calls

How do I connect with people? 

Start by selecting the topic you’re looking to pick someone’s brain about (e.g. Fitness, Finance, Music, Marketing). You can sort the list of results according to someone's User Rating, Billing Rate, or Experience. You can also view their LinkedIn profile, and read user reviews. 

How do I request a video chat? 

Simply tap the “Request Video Chat” button on someone's Profile Page and choose a time to schedule your chat. Then add a short message explaining what you’d like to pick their brain about; this provides them with context for the chat.

How do I reschedule a chat? 

You can use Brain Pick messaging to figure out a new date/time for a chat, if the originally proposed time doesn’t work or if something urgent has come up. To make it easier and avoid all the back and forth, only the person who sent the chat request can change the date/time and reschedule the call. All you need to do is tap “Change call request time” at the top of the message window.

What if something urgent comes up and I can't make a chat?

Things happen and occasionally something urgent will come up at the last minute. If you’re unable to join a Scheduled Chat, please message the other person to let them know out of common courtesy.

Do Call Requests expire?

If the recipient of your call request doesn’t Accept or Decline, it will expire 24 hours after the proposed chat time. The original request will then be automatically archived after 30 days. 

What if I accidentally decline a Chat Request?

Even if you decline a Chat Request by mistake, the message function is still active, so you can simply message the other person and ask them to send a new Chat Request. 

Are video chats secure?

Absolutely. We do everything in our power to ensure all video chats are private and secure. While the Brain Pick community is based on transparency and credibility—with no anonymous members—your phone number is encrypted, and your conversations are private. Brain Pick is not in the advertising business, so your personal information is never shared with a third-party for marketing purposes. 

What if a video chat gets disconnected?

If you get disconnected during a video chat, the timer immediately pauses and the billing stops until you resume the call. You never pay for wait time, buffering, or lost connectivity. 

Can I record a video chat?

No. Recording any part of a video call, including screen-grabs, violates our Privacy Policy and will result in being banned from using the Brain Pick platform.


How do I delete my Brain Pick account?

While we’d be disappointed to see you leave Brain Pick for any reason, we do make it easy for you to delete your account. We hate when applications hide the Cancel My Account button, so we made ours easy to find—all you need to do is go to Settings on your Profile page and scroll down. Before you delete your account, please do reach out first to see if there’s anything we can do to help, and make your experience better. 

I don’t see one of my topics listed? 

We are constantly updating our Topics list, trying to capture as many relevant ones as possible—specialized topics in particular. So please send us a note at and let us know which specific topics you’d like us to include in our next update. 

How do User Reviews work? 

The Brain Pick community is based on trust and transparency. Both people on a video chat review each other and reviews appear on their respective profile pages, so other members have full visibility. 

How is my Rating calculated?

We calculate your rating based on a weighted average of the number of positive, neutral, and negative reviews you earn during each video chat you have.

Paid Chat

Who can charge for their chats?

The simple answer is: everyone. The truth is we all have knowledge in something and it's valuable to someone. Whether you’re a professor or a plumber, there’ll always be someone who wants to pick your brain. You don’t need to be the world’s leading authority on a subject, and more often than not, people just want to talk to someone who knows more about a topic than they do. 

How do I know if someone is qualified to offer paid chat? 

There are several ways you can determine if someone can help you before you actually pay them for a chat. First, you can review their Linked-in profile to look at their experience and background, and read user Reviews from other Brain Pickers. Most importantly, you can explain what you’d like to pick their brain about by adding a note to your Chat Request—this gives them some important context to determine if they can help you. Lastly, the first two minutes of every video call are always free, so you can further determine if they're a fit to help you. 


How do I pay for a chat?

You can pay for video chats with one of the three major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX), which add to your Account on your Profile Page. Your card will be only be charged when you complete a chat, you don't pay for wait time or buffering, and the on-screen timer will pause if you're disconnected. 

How do I get paid for a chat?

Getting paid for chats is fast and easy. Brain Pick uses Direct Deposit, so your earnings are deposited directly into your bank account after you complete a chat. It typically only takes 7-10 business days to process the payment and for the money to appear in your account. Before you can begin charging people for chats, you need to add your bank account details to your Account on your Profile Page. Until then you can only offer free chats. Once you’ve added and verified your banking details, you can then choose your Billing Rate per minute. You can change your Billing Rate at anytime; however once you Accept a Chat Request, the Billing Rate you’ve posted at the time you accepted the chat will be used for that particular chat.

Do I earn money as an employee of Brain Pick or as an independent contractor? 

Because of the part-time/freelance nature of Brain Pick, you earn money strictly as an independent contractor, and not an employee. You are responsible for filing all appropriate state/provincial/federal taxes on any income you derive from Brain Pick. Please check your local tax laws and regulations. 

Is my banking information secure?

All Brain Pick transactions are encrypted and processed via Stripe, which further ensures your financial information is safe, secure and private. 

How do Credit Card pre-auths work? 

In order to ensure a credit card is valid and there are enough available funds to pay for a video chat, we may complete a quick pre-authorization for a small amount of money before a call, which is automatically refunded. You may see this transaction on your credit card statement. If there’s an issue with a credit card, both people on the chat will be notified. 

What happens if my banking information isn’t verified? 

If there’s any issues with your banking information, you’ll receive an error message alerting you on which details you might need to double-check and confirm. If you’re still unable to verify your account, send us an email to and we will help you trouble-shoot. Please note that until your banking information is verified, you can only offer free chats. 

How do I dispute a credit card charge?

If you believe you were erroneously charged for a Brain Pick chat—or for an incorrect duration of time—please contact us at and include the Chat ID in question, which you can quickly locate in your History on your Account Page. 

What if I have an issue with another member of Brain Pick?

If you’ve experienced inappropriate, offensive or abusive behavior from another Brain Pick member, please contact us at and include the member’s full name and details about the incident. In the meantime, you can immediately Block the member from contacting you by tapping “Block User” on their Profile Page.


Is there an Android or desktop version?

We are currently working on both an Android and desktop version, and will keep the Brain Pick community updated as we make progress. 

Why do I need a Linked-in Account to join up?

Much like AirbnB, the Brain Pick community is based on transparency and trust, and we don’t allow anonymous users. We use your LinkedIn account to verify your identity and credibility, as it’s the best online representation of your professional profile. 

Is Brain Pick available in other countries?

Currently Brain Pick is only available in the US and Canada. We will be launching in new countries later this year.