Small World. Big Vision.

We believe the more automated our lives get, the more important real human communication will become. We think that advances in AI technology and machine learning will ultimately free up more time for everyone to do the things they enjoy the most. We’re aiming to build a global community, where you can always find someone to chat with about the topics you're interested in or want to learn more about. Perhaps one day, 50 years from now, there’ll be robots that are as intelligent, emotional and intuitive as humans, who can have meaningful conversations—who knows?


In the meantime, why not give Brain Pick a try.

Artificial Intelligence is making our lives a little easier everyday. It helps us take care of routine tasks like ordering groceries, booking flights, organizing our calendars, and recommending things we might like. Our homes are getting smarter, and our cars are driving themselves.

But when it comes to having a meaningful conversation, nothing can replace a real person. It’s one thing to ask Alexa what’s happening in the stock market; it’s another thing to understand why and what to do about it. An algorithm can recommend a fitness video, but it can’t give you live feedback on your workout routine. Having bots order, book and schedule things for us is convenient and cool, but it doesn’t make us more knowledgeable.