A new way to have an old-fashioned conversation.

Brain Pick is a video chat app for people to pick each other’s brains about 1000s of topics. Connect with people one-on-one to talk about the things you're interested in or want to learn more about—from Fitness to Finance to Fashion, Music to Marketing to Martial Arts, Plumbing to Programming to Politics.  

Doesn't it seem like the more connected we've become, the less personal our connections? We're constantly posting, messaging and commenting with millions of people, yet we scarcely have real conversations anymore. Brain Pick lets you connect with people one-on-one to share knowledge and experience, ask and answer questions, and chat about your interests and passions.

Brain Pick is easy-to-use and it only takes a few minutes to sign-up using your LinkedIn account. You simply search for the topic you want to pick someone's brain about, see who's available, and then request a video chat with them. 

Message each other to quickly co-ordinate schedules, and once you agree on a time, the video chat works exactly like FaceTime.  All video chats are 100% private and secure, and you can talk for as long as you both like.


To get started, download the app.

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